Suzlon Energy Q1 Results first quarter: Net profit falls 96% to 101 crores, stock declines 5%

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Suzlon Energy Q1 Results: This article will examine Suzlon Energy’s first-quarter financial results for the fiscal year 2023–24 (Q1FY24), which were released on July 25. We’ll examine the important points from the renewable energy company’s report to see how its financial performance has changed significantly. We’ll look at the specifics of their consolidated net profit, and operating revenue, and how these numbers affected the performance of the stock price of the firm.

Suzlon Energy Q1 Results

Summary of Suzlon Energy

Let’s take a quick glance at Suzlon Energy before delving into the Q1 numbers. The firm, which specializes in wind power solutions, is a major participant in the renewable energy industry. Suzlon has been supporting India’s ambitions for renewable energy for a number of years because of its dedication to sustainability and clean energy.

Suzlon Energy Q1 Results Announcement for FY24

Suzlon Energy’s financial results for the first quarter of the fiscal year 2023–24 (Q1FY24) were made public on July 25.

Net Profit Drop of 96%

The huge drop in Suzlon Energy’s consolidated net profit was one of the report’s most noteworthy features for the first quarter of FY24. The company’s net profit fell to 101 crore, a startling 96 percent decrease. Investors and stakeholders have expressed worry about this striking contrast to the net profit of Rs2,433.33 crore declared during the same time previous year.

Operational Profit

Suzlon Energy’s revenue from operations fell together with the sharp fall in net profit. A two percent drop from the Rs. 1,377.58 crore reported in the same quarter last year, the business posted revenue of Rs.1,347.52 crore in Suzlon Energy Q1 Results. The firm may have had difficulties with its operational performance throughout the quarter, based on the revenue reduction.

Effect on Stock Performance

Suzlon Energy’s shares saw a severe decline after the release of the underwhelming Q1 data. As a result of investors’ worries and responses to the subpar financial performance, the stock price fell by 5%. The reaction of the stock market serves as a reminder of how crucial solid financial results are to preserving market mood and investor confidence.

Causes of the Decline

Examining the elements that led to the considerable fall in net profit and sales is crucial to comprehending the Suzlon Energy Q1 Results. Market dynamics changes, regulatory policy changes, and greater rivalry within the renewable energy industry are a few potential contributing variables.

The Business’s Response and Future Plans

Suzlon Energy’s management may take certain tactics to enhance their financial performance in reaction to the difficult Suzlon Energy Q1 Results. The business must clearly articulate its future goals to investors and other stakeholders, describing the steps it intends to take to get over the existing obstacles.

Prioritize clean energy and sustainability

Despite the difficulties encountered in Q1FY24, Suzlon Energy has a long history of supporting clean energy and sustainability. Companies like Suzlon play a crucial role in accelerating the switch to cleaner energy choices as the globe places an emphasis on lowering carbon emissions and embracing renewable sources.


In conclusion, Suzlon Energy Q1 Results data show that the renewable energy firm had a difficult financial quarter. Investors and industry watchers are concerned about the 96% drop in net profit and the reduction in sales. To regain investor trust, it is essential for the company’s management to address the underlying problems and clearly outline their plans.

What is the main area of competence for Suzlon Energy?

In the renewable energy space, Suzlon Energy focuses on offering wind power solutions.

What was the Suzlon Energy Q1 Results net profit drop for Suzlon Energy?

What was the Q1FY24 net profit drop for Suzlon Energy?

When were the Q1FY24 results for Suzlon Energy released?

On July 25, Suzlon Energy released its Q1FY24 results.

In Q1FY24, what was the change in operating revenue as a percentage?

Suzlon Energy’s revenue from operations in the first quarter of FY24 fell by 2% from the same quarter a year before.

How did Suzlon Energy’s shares do after the release of the Q1FY24 results?

The stock price of Suzlon Energy dropped 5% after the release of the Q1FY24 results.

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