ITC Demerger: Board Approves of Hotels Business In Principle; Stock Drops Over 4.3%; triggered negative sentiments

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ITC Demerger: ITC Ltd., a well-known conglomerate with a wide range of companies, has made a big move toward restructuring its corporate structure. The demerger of ITC’s hotel division has received the board’s in-principle approval, opening the door for a fully owned subsidiary called ITC Hotels. This tactical move attempts to maximize the value of the hotel business, provide shareholders with a direct ownership position in the new company, and encourage expansion in the booming hospitality sector. The specifics of the demerger proposal, its possible effects on the firm and its shareholders, and the market prognosis for ITC will all be covered in this piece.

Demerger of ITC:  Hotels Business was also incorporated by the board.
Demerger of ITC: Hotels Business was also incorporated by the board.

Choosing a Demerger

The ITC board approved the ITC demerger of the hotel’s business under a plan of arrangement after giving it significant thought. The plan stipulates that ITC will own a sizable 40% interest in the newly established company, with the remaining 60% of the shares being directly held by the Company’s present shareholders in accordance with their current stakes. With this action, the actual potential of the hotel industry will be unlocked, and stockholders will get a value based on the open market.

The Excellence Legacy of ITC Hotels

ITC Hotels is a reputable participant in the hospitality sector, operating more than 120 hotels with 11,600 keys in more than 70 locations. Under the aegis of ITC, the hotel industry has evolved and prospered throughout time. ITC Hotels now aspires to map its future path as a distinct organization with a deeper emphasis on the hospitality industry and an ideal financing structure. ITC Hotels will maintain its origins by using ITC’s institutional strengths, brand value, and goodwill while becoming a separate legal organization.

Creating Value for Shareholders

Unlocking shareholder value is the ITC demerger’s main goal. Shareholders will have a rare chance to take part in ITC Hotels’ expansion and success by owning a direct investment in the new company. Furthermore, the impartial market-driven value will support ensuring process fairness and openness. This action is in line with ITC’s commitment to maximizing shareholder value and strengthening its standing as a trustworthy corporate body.

The Future-Focused Vision

ITC Ltd. Chairman Sanjiv Puri gave his opinion on the suggested rearrangement. He thinks that the establishment of a company with a hospitality emphasis will provide new opportunities for development. The ITC demerger would enable ITC Hotels to fully capitalize on the great potential the Indian hospitality sector presents. Institutional synergies are anticipated to be advantageous for both ITC and the new firm, further bolstering their positions in the market.

Market Activity and Effect

The market’s reaction to the ITC demerger announcement has been conflicted. While the decision was welcomed by stockholders who were eager to join the new organization, the stock price of ITC briefly fell. The stock saw a brief fall of 4.30% at 469.35 per share on the BSE after a notable gain in 2023 that saw a rise of over 41%. The long-term effect is predicted to be favorable, although this is not uncommon in such strategic company initiatives.


A significant turning point in the history of the conglomerate was reached with the in-principle acceptance by the board of ITC demerger of its Hotels Business and creation of ITC Hotels. ITC seeks to increase shareholder value and spur expansion in the Indian hospitality sector by unlocking the potential of its hotel business and giving shareholders direct involvement in the new organization. The action is consistent with ITC’s commitment to good corporate governance and the generation of value for its stakeholders.

What is the justification for the ITC demerger from Hotels?

In order to maximize shareholder value and give an unbiased, market-driven valuation for the hotel business, ITC Hotels is demerging.

What effects will the demerger have on ITC’s stockholders?

ITC Hotels, the new organization, will be directly owned by shareholders, enabling them to share in its expansion and success.

What do you see for ITC Hotels in the future?

As a distinct corporation, ITC Hotels intends to map out its development strategy with a stronger emphasis on the hospitality industry and the best possible financial structure.

Will the new organization and ITC work together after the demerger?

Yes, even after the demerger, institutional synergies are anticipated to benefit ITC and ITC Hotels.

How did the market respond to the announcement of the demerger?

The stock price of ITC temporarily fell as a result of the market’s conflicted reaction, but the long-term effects are anticipated to be favorable.

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