RVNL OFS: Center Announces, Selling Up to 5.36% Stake and cheer

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Centre Announces OFS for RVNL

RVNL OFS: 5.36% share was the subject of a significant statement from the federal government on July 26. An announcement on this development was made in a stock regulatory filing. The Offer’s Floor Price shall be INR 119 (Rupees One Hundred and Nineteen Only), whereby the “present” share price as of today’s end of business was INR 134.80.


The Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) has received a proposal from the Ministry of Railways to hold the OFS on July 27, 2023 (T day), and July 28, 2023 (T+1 day). Through a separate, designated window of the BSE Limited and the National Stock Exchange (NSE), equity shares of RVNL up to 70,890,683 may be sold, with an extra option to sell 40,866,394 equity shares. According to the standards established for OFS, this sum equals 5.36% of the company’s total issued and paid-up equity share capital.

An RVNL OFS( Offer for Sale) is what?

The current promoters of a firm might reduce their ownership through an offer for sale by selling shares on the open market. In the case of RVNL, the promoter, the central government, intends to sell a portion of its stake using the OFS process.

Understanding Rail Vikas Nigam Ltd or RVNL OFS.

The government of India’s Ministry of Railways has administrative responsibility over the public sector company Rail Vikas Nigam Ltd (RVNL). Its main goal when it was founded was to carry out nationwide projects for modernizing and improving railway infrastructure.

The Function of OFS in RVNL

The government’s disinvestment plan includes the RVNL OFS program. The government wants to maximize the value of its stockholding in the business and provide the general public a chance to own a piece of this important piece of infrastructure.

Benefits of OFS (OFFER FOR SALE)

1. Increasing the Number of Shareholders
The OFS enables both retail and institutional investors to take part in the purchase of shares, hence increasing the number of shareholders in the business.

  1. Open-Book Pricing
    Since shares are traded at current market prices, the sale of shares on the open market ensures transparent pricing.
  2. Promoting Public Involvement
    The government promotes greater participation in the economy and financial markets by making shares available to the general population.

Enhancing Liquidity

The sale of shares boosts the stock’s liquidity, facilitating the purchase and sale of firm shares by investors.

The Five Steps OFS Procedure

There are numerous crucial steps in the RVNL OFS process:

Notification of Stock Exchanges in Step 1
The business that plans to conduct the OFS notifies the stock exchanges of its proposal and the specifics of the shares that will be offered.

Setting the Floor Price in Step Two
The floor price, or the lowest price at which offers may be made, is decided by the corporation in cooperation with the merchant bankers.

Third step: the bid window
During trading hours, the OFS’s bidding window is open for a set period of time.

Step Four: Allocation
Shares are assigned to winning bidders once the auction window expires.

Step 5: Completion
Transferring shares to winning bidders’ demat accounts is part of the settlement procedure.


The national government’s RVNL OFS. is a key step toward selling off its holdings and encouraging greater public involvement in the business. It gives investors the chance to take part in RVNL’s growth narrative while also advancing the nation’s infrastructure. The action, which is in line with the government’s disinvestment plan, intends to strengthen the capital markets.

For RVNL, who is managing the OFS?

The RVNL OFS is being carried out by the central government for Rail Vikas Nigam Ltd (RVNL).

What is the OFS’s purpose?

The RVNL OFS aims to promote public engagement and divest a portion of the government’s share in RVNL.

When will the OFS’s bid period begin?

The OFS’s bidding window is slated to commence on July 27 (T day) and July 28 (T+1 day) of 2023.

What percentage of the equity does the government want to sell via the OFS?

Through the OFS, the government intends to sell up to 5.36% of RVNL’s total issued and paid-up equity share capital.

What advantages does RVNL OFS offer to investors?

The OFS enables investors to purchase shares at fair market value and expand the company’s shareholder base.

What is the Floor Price RVNL OFS offers to investors?

The Offer’s Floor Price shall be INR 119 (Rupees One Hundred and Nineteen Only), hereby the “present” share price as of today’s end of business was INR 134.80.

Download pdf of RVNL OFS-related announcements

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