Axis Bank Q1 Results showed a 41% increase in net profit and a 27% increase in NII.

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Axis Bank Q1 Results: displaying outstanding growth and profitability in a spectacular display of financial power. When compared to the same quarter in the prior fiscal year, the bank’s net consolidated profit increased significantly by 41% to 5,797 crore. The astounding 27% increase in net interest income (NII), from Rs. 9,384 crore in Q1FY23 to Rs.11,958 crore in the quarter ended in June 2023, was the main highlight. In-depth analysis of Axis Bank’s Q1 results and the elements that led to its exceptional success is provided in this article.

Axis Bank Q1 Results showed a 41% increase in net profit

Net interest income (NII) has increased

The net interest income (NII), which reflects the difference between interet collected on loans and interest paid out on deposits, is a critical indicator for banks. Axis Bank’s NII increased by an astounding 27% in the Axis Bank Q1 Results, hitting Rs. 11,958 crore. This significant rise may be linked to the bank’s strategic emphasis on growing its loan portfolio and maximizing the mix of deposits.

Outstanding Operating Profit 2

Axis Bank’s operational profit increased significantly, rising by 50% (YoY) to Rs.8,814 crore. Additionally, the core operating profit increased by a respectable 27% (YoY) to Rs. 8,295 crore. This outstanding result demonstrates the bank’s successful efforts to increase operational efficiency and cost control.

Income and Expenses from Interest

Axis Bank Q1 Results reported interest income of 25,556.77 crore for the April-June quarter, a significant 36% rise over the same time the previous financial year. Additionally, the interest costs increased significantly year over year by more than 45%, hitting 13,598 crore. The bank’s strong involvement in the lending and borrowing markets may be seen in the rise in both interest revenue and costs.

Asset Highness

Asset quality for Axis Bank remained strong during Q1, with Gross Non-Performing Assets (GNPA) at 1.96%, just under the 2.02% recorded during the same period the prior fiscal year. The Net Non-Performing Assets (NNPA), which were at 0.41% as opposed to 0.39% in Q1FY23, also showed a little improvement. During this time, the bank was successful in recovering 554 crore from written-off accounts.

NPAs and Slippages

Axis Bank wiped down NPAs of 2,131 crores during Axis Bank Q1 Results. After accounting for recovery from the written-off pool, the reported net slippages for the quarter were 1,131 crores. Gross slippages for the bank were 3,990 crores, up from 3,375 crores in Q4FY23 and 3,684 crores in Q1FY23. However, the 2,305 crores in recoveries and upgrades from NPAs during the quarter show a proactive commitment to managing asset quality.

Future Perspective

The MD&CEO of Axis Bank, Amitabh Chaudhry, discussed his vision for the company’s future and reaffirmed the firm’s dedication to building a unique new-age financial institution that offers consumers seamless banking solutions. In order to achieve sustainable development across all of its main businesses, Axis Bank places a concentrate on enhancing its digital capabilities.


The financial landscape has been significantly changed by Axis Bank Q1 Results, which demonstrate strong growth, enhanced asset quality, and a strategic outlook for the future. The bank’s astounding 41% growth in net profit and 27% increase in NII show how resilient and adaptable it is in the competitive market. Customers can anticipate cutting-edge products and unmatched services as Axis Bank works to solidify its position in the banking industry.

What was Axis Bank’s net profit in Axis Bank Q1 Results of Axis Bank Q1 Results, FY24?

Axis Bank Q1 Results recorded a net consolidated profit of 5,797 crore, up 41% over the equivalent period in the prior year.

By how much did Axis Bank’s NII increase in Axis Bank Q1 Results?

Net interest income (NII) for Axis Bank increased by an astounding 27% in the first quarter of FY24, hitting Rs. 11,958 crore.

What was the operational profit for Axis Bank in the first quarter of FY24?

Axis Bank’s operational profit for Q1FY24 increased by 50% year over year to Rs.8,814 crore, while the core operating profit increased by 27% year over year to Rs.8,295 crore.

How did the asset quality of Axis Bank fare in Q1FY24?

In the first quarter of FY24, Axis Bank’s gross non-performing assets (GNPA) were 1.96%, while its net non-performing assets (NNPA) were 0.41%.

What is the future plan for Axis Bank?

Axis Bank prioritizes digital capabilities and client-centricity in all of its activities with the goal of becoming a unique new-age bank that offers seamless banking products.

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