Q4 Results: Titan-Revenue increased 50% year over year to Rs. 734 crores; earnings increased 33%; Cheer !

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Q4 Results: Titan’s Board has proposed a dividend per equity share of Rs 10.00. In terms of segments, the jewellery industry had a 24% growth in total revenue to Rs 7,576 crore from January to March, while the India market saw a 21% gain.

TITAN Q4 Results 2023

Titan’s standalone net profit

For the quarter that ended in March, Q4 Result of consumer goods giant Titan reported a standalone net profit of Rs. 734 crore, an increase of 50% over the Rs. 491 crore reported for the same period in 2017.

Titan announced dividend

Titan’s Board of Directors of the Company has also approved a dividend payment of Rs 10 per Re 1 equity share. If approved by shareholders at the company’s 39th annual meeting, the dividend is scheduled to be paid or sent out on the seventh business day after the AGM ends. With effect from April 1, 2020, dividend income will be subject to taxation in the hands of shareholders rather than the company as per the Finance Act, 2020. Titan has announced that it would withhold taxes from dividend payments at the source if necessary.

Titan’s standalone net profit for Q4 Results

For the reviewed quarter, operating revenue rose 33% to Rs 9,704 crore. In the same period a year ago, it was Rs 7,276 crore.

EBIT margins were 12%, while the company’s EBIT (profits before interest and taxes) increased 37% to 1,053 crore.

In terms of segments, the jewellery industry had a 24% growth in total revenue to Rs 7,576 crore from January to March, while the India market saw a 21% gain.

With growth rates only a little bit higher than the rise in retail sales as a whole, the wedding market made a strong return. For Q4FY23, the segment’s EBIT had a 13.2% margin and totaled Rs 997 crore.

Titan gains in wearables, the watches and wearables segment for Q4 Results

With robust growth in the analogue watch market and a multi-fold gain in wearables, the watches and wearables segment reported total revenue of Rs 871 crore, up 40% YoY.

The company reached a milestone with yearly uniform consumer pricing (UCP) retail sales of at least Rs 5000 crore and cumulative smartwatch sales of at least 1 million.

Titan climbed into the top 5 smartwatch manufacturers in India during the quarter, according to market share. With an 11.3% EBIT margin, the segment’s EBIT came in at Rs 98 crore.

The EyeCare business had a 25% YoY increase in sales at Rs 165 crore, while the revenue for the developing business was Rs 77 crore.

Indian dress wear, F&FA, and perfumes are all part of the growing industry. F&FA had a 31% increase in business, while Taneria saw a 200% increase.

“In the past year, Titan has seen many firsts.. The yearly consumer retail sales for jewellery, watches, wearables, and eyecare reached significant milestones. We are well-prepared and anticipating an exciting FY24 after a pleasing performance across all sectors during FY23, according to C K Venkataraman, MD of Titan.

Titan Shares: How to buy ?

Ans. Create a demat account and complete online KYC verification to buy Titan shares in Groww.

How much do Titan’s shares now cost?

Ans. The share price of any stocks is volatile and keeps changing throughout the day owing to different factors. Titan share price is ₹2,666.20 as of 4 May ’23.

What will the price of Titan’s shares be in 2025?

Ans.Our study, expertise, and forecasting technique predict that the minimum share price in 2025 will range between Rs 3250.60 and Rs 3320.30. Additionally, the maximum price of a Titan share at year’s end may range between Rs 3650.30 and Rs 4030.20.

How many times has Titan share split?

Ans. Titan Company stock (symbol: TITAN. NS) underwent a total of 1 stock split.

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