The X440 Motorcycle: Cause Shares of Eicher Motors have Fallen over 4%; Here’s why.

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As rival companies Hero MotoCorp and Harley Davidson launch the X440 motorcycle in India, the share price of Eicher Motors falls by more than 4%.

Introduction: The Motorcycle Market in India: A Battle of the Titans

The news that the joint venture between Hero MotoCorp and Harley Davidson would launch the X440 motorcycle in India has shocked the automotive sector in a spectacular turn of events. This risky strategy seeks to alter the dynamics of the Indian motorbike industry, forcing Royal Enfield’s parent firm, Eicher Motors, to deal with a 4% share price loss. Let’s explore the effect, ramifications, and fierce competition in the race for two-wheel dominance as two industry titans join forces to introduce a new generation of luxury motorbikes.

Hero MotoCorp and Harley Davidson launch the X440 motorcycle in India
Hero MotoCorp and Harley Davidson launch the X440 motorcycle in India

The X440: A Revolutionary Collaboration

The X440, created via cooperation between Harley-Davidson and Hero MotoCorp, is the smallest and most affordable Harley-Davidson motorbike to have graced Indian roads since the legendary Street 750. With a price of 2.29 lakh (ex-showroom), the X440 is poised to defy high-end two-wheeler norms and increase the iconic Harley brand’s recognition among the country’s motorcycle fans.

Royal Enfield Hunter 450: A Rivalry of the Sexes

The maker of Royal Enfield bikes, Eicher Motors, is used to facing up against other companies. But with the introduction of the X440, competition for supremacy in the 350cc–500cc motorcycle market has become more fierce. The Royal Enfield Hunter 450, a strong competitor, is directly in the path of the X440, setting the scene for an epic battle between the two legendary motorcycle manufacturers.

A market response to the arrival of the X440 caused Eicher Motors’ share price to drop.
The stock market was turbulent for Eicher Motors at the same time as news of the Hero MotoCorp-Harley Davidson partnership and the upcoming release of the X440 surfaced. The share price of Eicher Motors fell by more than 4% on Tuesday during trade. The market’s immediate reaction to the X440’s new challenge was indicated by the opening price of an Eicher Motors share on the BSE, which was reported to be 3,570.

Prashanth Tapse’s Insights on the Expert Analysis

In light of the unveiling of the X440, Prashanth Tapse, Senior Vice President of Research at Mehta Equities, offered a technical analysis of Eicher Motors’ stock performance. Tapse predicts that the stock’s brittleness might result in a settlement around 3,400 while keeping an eye on the 200 DMA, which is positioned close to 3,304. He doesn’t provide any specific forecasts, however, and instead chooses to exercise caution.

Hero MotoCorp’s Ingenious Step

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The choice by Hero MotoCorp to collaborate with Harley-Davidson demonstrates the company’s dedication to growing its presence in the premium motorbike market. The partnership gives Hero access to the prestigious American brand’s reputation as well as more economical manufacturing facilities, making the high-end Harley experience more accessible to a larger audience.

The Hero MotoCorp Neemrana Facility: The X440’s manufacturing base

The Harley-Davidson X440 is being created in the Hero MotoCorp Neemrana factory, fusing the classic Harley DNA with Hero’s cutting-edge tech. The X440

Features of X440

The X440 is a fair-sized motorbike. Comparing it to its major competitor, the Classic 350, reveals that it is both longer and has a larger wheelbase. In a remarkable display of precision, Hero and Harley conducted a comprehensive evaluation of the Classic motorcycle, resulting in an astonishing resemblance to the X440 model. The Classic and X440 share not only their seat height, ground clearance, and front suspension travel, but also a striking similarity in these aspects.

The X’s design is largely inspired by Harley’s own XR 1200. The Harley link is therefore more than apparent. If it wasn’t, there are more than 12 emblems all over the bike to serve as a reminder. The 440 has a nice appearance; it is proportionate and pleasing to the eye. If you don’t pick and prod, it seems to be a motorbike that has been nicely put together due to the attention to detail that has been paid in certain areas.

The new X440 is equipped with gas-charged dual rear shocks with a seven-step preload adjustment and KYB front USD forks. The braking system consists of a 320mm front and 240mm rear disc. However, the others have alloy wheels with tubeless tires while the basic model has tube-type spoke wheels.

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