Stock to watch: Why SpiceJet share price will be in focus on Monday — explained

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Discover why SpiceJet’s share price is set to take center stage on Monday. Uncover the impact of MD Ajay Singh and Busy Bee Airways’ joint bid for GoFirst, potential benefits from EaseMyTrip and Fly Dubai, and the market’s anticipation.


SpiceJet Share will be on focus on Monday


SpiceJet shares experienced a notable surge on Friday, triggered by the DGCA numbers announcement. The spotlight intensifies as MD Ajay Singh and Busy Bee Airways collaborate for a strategic bid on GoFirst. Analysts predict a significant market reaction on Monday, eagerly awaiting the unfolding developments.

SpiceJet’s Bull Trend

SpiceJet shares displayed a robust bull trend following the DGCA numbers release for January 2024. Despite the initial gains, the aviation giant sustained its momentum after revealing key developments related to the joint bid for GoFirst by MD Ajay Singh and Busy Bee Airways.

Joint Bid for GoFirst

SpiceJet MD Ajay Singh and Busy Bee Airways Private Limited have jointly submitted a bid for the beleaguered airline GoFirst, currently navigating insolvency proceedings since May 2023. The announcement, strategically timed just before the market closure, has piqued the interest of experts, hinting at potential market shifts on Monday.

Prashant Pitti’s Role

Industry experts shed light on the ownership dynamics, emphasizing that Prashant Pitti, the owner of leading online tourism company EaseMyTrip, holds a substantial 51 percent stake in GoFirst. The collaborative move by the firm and Busy Bee Airways aims at enhancing operational efficiency, leveraging the expertise and resources of both entities.

Potential Benefits from EaseMyTrip

If the joint bid proves successful, SpiceJet stands to gain from the existing partnership between Busy Bee Airways and EaseMyTrip. This collaboration sets the stage for operational synergies, potentially elevating the firm’s market standing.

Fly Dubai Connection

Adding to the intrigue, Pran Sathiadasan, a director at Busy Bee Airways Private Limited, also holds a directorial position at Fly Dubai. Market speculations are rife with expectations of additional benefits for the firmshould the joint bid succeed, tapping into Fly Dubai’s resources and expertise.

Triggers for SpiceJet Shares

Sandeep Pandey, Founder of Basav Capital, provides insights into the market’s expectations. He highlights the anticipation that the collaborative efforts of SpiceJet MD Ajay Singh and Busy Bee Airways Private Limited are geared towards a medium to long-term improvement in the aviation company’s operations.

Pran Sathiadasan’s Business Involvements

Pran Sathiadasan’s multifaceted roles as a director at Busy Bee Airways and Fly Dubai raise eyebrows in the market. The article explores the potential synergy and business benefits that could be expected for SpiceJet in case of a successful joint bid. The interconnected nature of the aviation industry suggests a promising future for the firm if this collaboration materializes.

Perquisite Business Benefit Analysis

Going beyond the surface, it becomes crucial to analyze the perquisite business benefits that may unfold. The article delves into the intricate details of how benefits trickling down to Busy Bee Airways might translate into gains for the firm. This analysis aims to provide readers with a comprehensive understanding of the potential advantages awaiting the firm shareholders.

Challenges Faced

However, amidst the optimism, challenges loom large. GoFirst, with an outstanding amount of ₹6,200 crore facing insolvency proceedings, poses a significant hurdle. The article discusses the potential challenges on the insolvency front, highlighting the task that the new management will face in resolving this outstanding amount at the lowest possible level.

Expert Opinion – SpiceJet Share Price Outlook

Sumeet Bagadia, Executive Director at Choice Broking, shares insights into the current outlook of SpiceJet shares. Currently trading in the ₹60 to ₹75 per share range, Bagadia suggests a potential bullish trend if the upper hurdle of ₹75 is decisively breached. the firm shareholders are advised to hold the scrip, with a cautious approach and a stop loss below ₹60.

Recommendations for SpiceJet Shareholders

Building on Bagadia’s insights, the article provides recommendations for SpiceJet shareholders. Holding the shares while maintaining a stop loss below ₹60 is advised. Fresh entry is recommended only if the firm shares decisively breach the ₹75 hurdle, signaling a potentially bullish market for the aviation stock.


  1. What is the significance of Pran Sathiadasan’s directorial roles at Busy Bee Airways and Fly Dubai?
    • Pran Sathiadasan’s roles may bring business benefits to SpiceJet if a joint bid succeeds, creating synergy in the aviation industry.
  2. What challenges does GoFirst’s outstanding amount of ₹6,200 crore pose for the joint bid?
    • The outstanding amount poses an insolvency challenge for the new management, requiring resolution at the lowest possible level.
  3. What is Sumeet Bagadia’s outlook on SpiceJet shares?
    • Bagadia suggests a potentially bullish trend if SpiceJet shares breach the upper hurdle of ₹75 decisively.
  4. Why is maintaining a stop loss below ₹60 recommended for SpiceJet shareholders?
    • A cautious approach is advised to mitigate risks, ensuring protection in case of unexpected market fluctuations.


Amidst the intricate tapestry of SpiceJet’s corporate landscape, the former Deputy Vice President’s sway intertwines with the nuanced dynamics of the aviation market, presenting a canvas adorned with both prospects and hurdles. Stakeholders of SpiceJet, alongside fervent market enthusiasts, are counseled to meticulously scrutinize unfolding developments and heed expert counsel for judicious decision-making. As the market brims with anticipation for Monday’s revelations, the collaborative bid orchestrated by SpiceJet’s Managing Director, Ajay Singh, and Busy Bee Airways stands poised to metamorphose the contours of the aviation realm. Both investors and enthusiasts are emphatically encouraged to observe with unwavering attention as the narrative unfurls its wings, heralding a transformative chapter in the aviation industry’s saga.

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