Servotech Power Systems Stock Surges 15%: Key Developments and Future Outlook

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Servotech Power Systems share price today opened with an upside gap and touched an intraday high of ₹97.43 apiece within a few hours of the opening bell. This remarkable rise is a testament to the company’s robust performance and strategic initiatives in the EV charging solutions market. Over the past month, the shares of Servotech Power Systems have surged from ₹84.50 to ₹97.43, marking an impressive 15% increase. Investors are keenly watching this stock, which still shows potential for further gains.

Servotech Power Systems

Servotech Power Systems Share Price Analysis

Current Performance

  • Opening Price: ₹90.60
  • Intraday High: ₹97.43
  • Market Cap: ₹2,457 crore
  • Trade Volume: 4,711,533
  • 52-Week High: ₹107.55
  • 52-Week Low: ₹69.50

Recent Trends

Servotech Power Systems has been on an uptrend for a month. This momentum can be attributed to several positive developments and strong investor confidence in the company’s growth potential. The stock’s performance has locked in a 10 percent upper circuit during Monday deals, showcasing its strong market presence.

Recent News and Developments

Solar-Powered EV Charging Carport

Servotech Power Systems recently made headlines by inaugurating Delhi’s first grid-connected Solar-Powered EV Charging Carport in collaboration with the National Solar Energy Federation of India (NSEFI). This pilot project at the Hauz Khas Village parking station is a significant milestone in sustainable energy and electric vehicle infrastructure.

  • Project Highlights:
    • Location: Hauz Khas Village parking station
    • Technology: Solar panels and EV chargers manufactured by Servotech
    • Objective: Promote sustainable energy and support the EV ecosystem

Employee Stock Option Plan (ESOP)

Last week, Servotech Power Systems announced an ESOP scheme for its employees. The company granted 20,094 options under the ESOP Scheme 2022, convertible to an equivalent number of equity shares. This move aims to incentivize employees and align their interests with the company’s growth.

Market and Trading Information

Servotech Power Systems shares are traded exclusively on the NSE. The recent surge in share price reflects strong investor confidence and the company’s strategic initiatives in the EV sector.

Expert Insights

Financial analysts and market experts suggest that Servotech Power Systems’ shares still have room for growth. Investors are advised to keep a close watch on this stock, considering its strong market position and innovative projects in the EV charging solutions space.


The rally in Servotech Power Systems’ share price highlights the company’s strong market performance and strategic initiatives. With the introduction of sustainable projects like the Solar-Powered EV Charging Carport and employee incentives through ESOPs, Servotech Power Systems is well-positioned for future growth. Investors should consider the potential upside and market trends when evaluating this stock for their portfolios.

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