Polycab India’s stock fell 22% when the IT department discovered Rs 1,000 crore in unreported cash sales.

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Learn about the startling discoveries that caused Polycab India’s shares to fall 22% as a result of undeclared cash transactions of Rs 1,000 crore. Examine the conclusions of the Finance Ministry and the fallout from the income tax department’s investigation to establish a network of tax evasion and mysterious transactions.

Polycab Share Price drop


Following an extensive examination by the income tax department, Polycab India, a major participant in the sector, saw a startling 22% decrease in its shares. This essay explores the many facets of the search operation that was carried out on January 10 and that resulted in the discovery of undeclared cash purchases totaling an incredible Rs 1,000 crore.

Polycab India: The First Strike

Following a little respite, Polycab India Ltd was thrust into the center of the maelstrom on January 10th when the income tax authority began a search. According to the Finance Ministry, 50 locations, including those in Daman in Gujarat and Delhi, Nashik in Maharashtra, Pune, Aurangabad, Mumbai, and Delhi, received thorough inspection. Shares of Polycab India saw a sharp decline in the wake, tumbling as low as Rs 3,812.35 on the BSE.

Exposing Tax Avoidance Methods

Numerous pieces of damning evidence, including digital data and physical papers, were recovered by authorities during the search operation. The Ministry of Finance revealed a scheme to evade taxes while working with approved distributors. An initial investigation revealed potential participation in cash-only transactions, cash disbursements for concealed acquisitions, phony transportation, and subcontracting costs—all with the intention of reducing taxable revenue.

Polycab India Recaps: An Exciting Adventure

Unquestionably, the effect was felt on Polycab India shares, which saw a dramatic 22.4% fall and a low of Rs 3,812.35 on the BSE. The stock’s 52-week high of Rs 5,722.90 on December 14, 2023, was followed by this decline, which heightened worries about the IT raids on the business’s property.

New Information: The Economic Repercussions

Reliable evidence uncovered during the investigation revealed unrecorded cash transactions of around Rs. 1,000 crore—a startling amount that was missing from the business’s records. Evidence of unreported cash payments exceeding Rs. 400 crore made by a distributor on behalf of the flagship firm for the procurement of raw materials also came to light.

3. Raids on Residences and Offices

Beyond the corporate walls, the controversy extended to residences and offices of top management associated with the company. The reasons behind the searches remain unclear, adding an air of mystery to the unfolding events. The Bombay Stock Exchange seeks clarification, contributing to the growing uncertainty. This part talks about the effects of the raids and why there needs to be more openness.

Unrealized Expenses Discovered

The disclosure from the Ministry of Finance revealed non-authentic costs of about Rs. 100 crore, which were discovered from evidence confiscated at the headquarters of the company’s flagship. These costs, which added to the financial unrest, included purchasing, transportation, and subcontracting costs.

Inflated purchase accounts and unexplained transactions

The search effort also uncovered mysterious activities carried out by a distributor who issued invoices without having a legitimate supply of commodities, which were then sold for cash on the open market. This distributor helped certain parties inflate their purchase accounts, reaching about Rs. 500 crore, by selling only items from the main firm.

In summary

Following the income tax department’s search, Polycab India is now facing serious repercussions. The company’s financial picture has been tarnished by unreported activities, exaggerated accounts, and unaccounted funds. Polycab India is faced with the difficult challenge of rebuilding confidence and financial stability as investigations progress.

Polycab Share Price Tanks FAQs

Why did shares of Polycab India decline?

Following an income tax agency search operation that turned up hidden cash transactions of Rs 1,000 crore and exposed a network of tax fraud, shares of Polycab India fell by 22%.

What was the Finance Ministry’s description of the results?

The Finance Ministry displayed evidence that implicated the group in tax cheating, including cash payments for items made without disclosure, unreported cash transactions, and fictitious costs.

What effects did the IT raids on Polycab India’s property have?

Shares of Polycab India sharply declined after the income tax department’s search, with a low of Rs 3,812.35 on the BSE, raising questions about the company’s financial viability.

What new information did the search reveal?

Based on reliable information, there were unreported cash sales of Rs. 1,000 crore that were not documented in the books. Additionally, a distributor made cash payments exceeding Rs. 400 crore for the acquisition of raw materials.

Were any fraudulent costs discovered?

Indeed, from evidence obtained at the headquarters of the flagship firm, the Ministry of Finance revealed non-genuine charges of around Rs. 100 crore, including subcontracting, purchases, and transportation costs.

What mysterious transactions turned up throughout the investigation?

Approximately Rs. 500 crore worth of inexplicable activities, including a distributor providing invoices without a legitimate supply of products and enabling parties to inflate their purchase accounts, were discovered during the search.

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