MSCI Index: Adani units might be removed, Analyst expecting; Bad new for Adani Investors

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MSCI Index: The percentage of shares that are thought to be accessible to foreign investors is the term used by MSCI to describe a security’s foreign inclusion factor. The findings of MSCI’s revision of the number of shares for each company that is deemed freely traded in the open market will be made public later this week.

MSCI Index: Adani units may be removed
Adani may be removed from MSCI index

The MSCI Index and Its Importance

As a standard for international stock markets, Morgan Stanley Capital International (MSCI) created the MSCI Index. It gives investors a thorough picture of market activity, enabling them to monitor and assess different investment possibilities. For businesses, being included in the MSCI Index may be a game-changer since it garners more investor interest and often results in improved liquidity.

After US short-seller Hindenburg Research on Adani

Adani Group signage on Friday, January 27, 2023 in Mumbai, India. In less than two sessions, the market value of the firms owned by the Adani Group has fallen by more than $30 billion as a selloff prompted by a damning analysis by US short seller Hindenburg Research intensified on Friday.

MSCI Index may exclude Adani units

MSCI Index of India measure may exclude Adani’s electric utility service and city gas distribution operations, possibly triggering a $500 million selloff by passive funds.

During the May index review process, the international index services provider MSCI chose to lower the foreign inclusion factor (FIF) for Adani Total Gas and Adani Transmission.

In a statement on Friday, it was said that Adani Transmission’s FIF will be decreased from 25% to 10%, while Adani Total Gas’ FIF would be decreased from 25% to 14%. On May 11, the MSCI May Index review will be announced.

Revision of MSCI Index

MSCI Index revision of the number of shares for each company that is deemed freely traded in the open market will be made public later this week. According to Brian Freitas, an analyst with the independent research platform Smartkarma, it’s probable that the two businesses won’t achieve the minimum standard after the examination.

The MSCI inquiry was initially suggested in February, soon after US short-seller Hindenburg Research said that many of the biggest “public,” or non-insider, holders of the shares are offshore shell corporations and funds linked to the Adani Group. Since then, Adani has been fending off claims of stock manipulation and accounting malfeasance in the short-seller research. The Hindenburg study has been debunked repeatedly by the Adani Group.


The idea of excluding Adani units from the MSCI Index has drawn a lot of interest from the financial industry. The MSCI Index committee will make the ultimate decision, but it might have wide-ranging effects on the Adani Group’s stock performance and future prospects. If this anticipation materialises, it will signal a paradigm change for one of India’s most illustrious corporations, as we shall see in the days to come.

What is meant by MSCI index?

Ans. Since the MSCI indexes are market capitalization-weighted indices, stocks are weighed in accordance with their market capitalization, which is determined by multiplying the stock price by the number of shares outstanding. The index gives the stock with the biggest market capitalization the most weighting.

What is MSCI Index in India?

Ans. The performance of the big and mid size categories of the Indian market is tracked by the MSCI India Index. The index, which has 114 members, represents around 85% of the Indian stock market. On April 30, 1993, the MSCI India Index was introduced.

Is it good to invest in MSCI?

Ans. Stocks obtain better marks (higher scores) if the quality subcomponents have higher scores, and poorer grades (lower scores) if the subcomponents have lower ratings. Msci Inc. gets a Very Strong Quality Score of 95.

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