IndiGo Share Price Hits 52-Week High as UBS Remains Bullish, Raises Target Price on Stock

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IndiGo Airlines, operated by InterGlobe Aviation, has recently experienced a remarkable surge in its share price, reaching a 52-week high. This surge comes in light of the positive stance maintained by UBS, a foreign brokerage firm, which raised the target price on the compnay’s stock. Let’s delve deeper into the factors contributing to this significant development and explore the future prospects for IndiGo.


IndiGo Share Price Hits 52-Week High

A Closer Look at IndiGo’s Recent Performance

IndiGo, known for its dominance in the Indian aviation industry, has been making noteworthy strides in both domestic and international travel sectors. In the fiscal year 2024, the airline expanded its route network by adding 10 new domestic and 7 international destinations. Notably, its share of international travel increased to 27% of Available Seat Kilometers (ASK) in FY24E from 23% in the previous fiscal year.

UBS’s Positive Outlook and Target Price Adjustment

Followingthe compnay’s impressive performance, UBS expressed optimism about the company’s future growth prospects. The brokerage firm cited several factors contributing to its positive stance, including the robust growth potential of the Indian aviation industry, the compnay’s expanding share in international travel, efficient cost structure, and operational excellence.

Maintaining a Buy rating on IndiGo shares, UBS raised the 12-month target price to ₹4,000 per share from ₹3,900, indicating an upside of more than 21% from the previous closing price. This adjustment reflects UBS’s confidence in the compnay’s ability to deliver sustained growth and create value for investors.

Factors Driving IndiGo’s Growth Trajectory

Despite challenges such as higher crude prices and pilot salaries, UBS remains optimistic about the compnay’s growth trajectory. The firm anticipates flat to higher estimates, driven by improved Available Seat Kilometers (ASK) growth and yields. Additionally, there are upside risks to yields in the near term, along with promising capacity/demand growth and profitability over the medium term.

Long-Term Growth Prospects for the Indian Aviation Industry

IndiGo’s operator, InterGlobe Aviation, shares UBS’s bullish outlook on the long-term growth of the Indian air travel industry. The company foresees a robust 15% Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) for Indian air travel, both domestic and international, over the period spanning FY24-30.

Moreover, there is a strong emphasis on international expansion, with a belief that India has the potential to emerge as a significant global hub for international-to-international travel. This strategic focus underscores the company’s commitment to capitalizing on evolving market dynamics and maximizing its global reach.

Guidance for Future Growth and Expansion

During an analyst meeting held on March 22, the compnay outlined its guidance for the fiscal year 2025, signaling low double-digit ASK/demand growth Year-over-Year (YoY). The airline plans to bolster its fleet by adding at least one new aircraft per week and aims to introduce 10 new destinations. Additionally, there are plans to augment the employee count by 5,500-6,000, highlighting the company’s ambitious growth agenda.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What contributed to IndiGo’s share price reaching a 52-week high? the compnay’s share price surged following a positive outlook from UBS and the airline’s impressive performance in expanding its route network and international travel share.

How did UBS adjust its target price for IndiGo’s stock? UBS raised the 12-month target price for IndiGo shares to ₹4,000 per share, reflecting a more than 21% upside from the previous closing price.

What factors drove UBS’s positive stance on IndiGo? UBS cited IndiGo’s strong growth prospects in the Indian aviation industry, expanding share in international travel, efficient cost structure, and operational excellence as key factors.

What are the long-term growth projections for the Indian air travel industry? InterGlobe Aviation expects Indian air travel to grow at a robust 15% CAGR over FY24-30, with a focus on international expansion and the potential to become a global hub.

What are IndiGo’s expansion plans for FY25? IndiGo aims for low double-digit ASK/demand growth YoY, intends to add 10 new destinations, and plans to increase its fleet and employee count significantly.

How can investors benefit from IndiGo’s growth trajectory? Investors can capitalize on IndiGo’s growth potential by considering its positive outlook, expansion plans, and the bullish stance of brokerage firms like UBS.


IndiGo’s recent achievements, including its share price hitting a 52-week high and the upward adjustment of its target price by UBS, underscore the airline’s promising outlook and growth trajectory. With a focus on expansion, operational excellence, and capitalizing on emerging opportunities in the Indian aviation sector, IndiGo is poised to deliver sustained value to investors and maintain its leadership position in the market.

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