Hyundai’s Mega IPO Journey: Advisors, Plans, and Market Impact in 2024

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Explore Hyundai’s groundbreaking move as it selects JP Morgan, Citi, and HSBC as advisors for its India arm’s mega IPO, set to raise $3-3.5 billion. Uncover the details, potential timeline, and impact on India’s automotive market.

Hyundai's Mega IPO Journey


In a strategic move, Hyundai Motor has tapped JP Morgan, Citi, and HSBC as advisors for its ambitious IPO plans in India. This article delves into the significant developments, potential timeline, and broader implications for both Hyundai and the Indian automotive market.

Hyundai’s Mega IPO Advisors: JP Morgan, Citi, HSBC

Discover why Hyundai Motor opted for JP Morgan, Citi, and HSBC as its key advisors for the mega IPO. Uncover the rationale behind these choices and the potential impact on the IPO’s success.

Unveiling the Advisory Trio

Delve into the expertise and global reputation of JP Morgan, Citi, and HSBC, shedding light on their previous involvements in major IPOs and how their involvement adds credibility to Hyundai’s venture.

The Strategic Decision-Making

Explore the thought process behind Hyundai’s decision to select these specific investment banks and the potential benefits they bring to the table in navigating the complexities of a mega IPO.

Hyundai’s Mega IPO: Timeline and Financial Goals

Gain insights into the proposed timeline for Hyundai’s mega IPO, potential filing dates, and the ambitious financial goals set for raising between $3 billion to $3.5 billion.

June 2024: A Potential Milestone

Uncover the expectations surrounding the likely filing of draft papers in June 2024, and the significance this holds in making it the largest IPO on the Indian bourses.

Financial Aspirations

Explore the financial aspirations Hyundai has set for its India arm’s IPO and how this compares to previous landmark IPOs, such as LIC’s $2.7-billion listing in 2022.

Flexibility in Advisor Inclusions

Understand the flexibility in Hyundai’s approach, leaving room to potentially add more investment banks at a later stage, as indicated by industry sources.

Industry Responses and Official Statements

Analyze the responses and official statements from industry leaders, including Moneycontrol’s queries to Hyundai, and Hyundai Motor Co’s statement to the Korean Stock Exchange.

Industry Insights

Explore the initial response from industry leaders, including Maruti Suzuki India, to Hyundai’s IPO plans, and how this move may reshape the competitive landscape.

Hyundai’s Official Stance

Examine Hyundai Motor Co’s official statement, issued in response to media reports, addressing its global activities and the ongoing review of listing overseas subsidiaries.

India as a Significant Market for Hyundai

Uncover the importance of the Indian market for Hyundai, accounting for 13 percent of global sales in 2023, and the success of key car models in the Indian market.

Car Models Dominating the Market

Explore Hyundai’s successful car models in India, such as i20, Verna, Creta, Aura, and Tucson, and how they contributed to the brand’s substantial market share.

Record-Breaking Sales in 2023

Dive into the remarkable performance of Hyundai’s India unit in 2023, with domestic sales crossing the six-lakh mark and a notable increase in exports.

India’s Automotive Future: A Hyundai-Led Revolution?

Examine the potential impact of Hyundai’s mega IPO on India’s automotive future, considering the brand’s market position, successful models, and the industry’s response.

Shaping the Competitive Landscape

Assess how Hyundai’s IPO could reshape the competitive dynamics in the Indian automotive sector, with insights from industry experts on potential market shifts.

Investor Perspectives

Delve into the perspectives of investors, considering the financial goals set by Hyundai and the reputation of the selected advisors, providing a comprehensive outlook for potential investors.


In conclusion, Hyundai’s selection of JP Morgan, Citi, and HSBC as advisors for its Hyundai’s Mega IPO in India marks a pivotal moment in the automotive industry. With a potential milestone in June 2024, the IPO’s success could reshape Hyundai’s future trajectory and set new standards in the Indian bourses.


Q: What prompted Hyundai to choose JP Morgan, Citi, and HSBC as advisors? Hyundai strategically selected these banks for their global reputation and expertise in handling mega IPOs, adding credibility to the venture.

Q: When is Hyundai planning to file the draft papers for the Hyundai’s Mega IPO? The potential filing is expected in June 2024, with plans to make it the largest IPO on the Indian bourses.

Q: How does Hyundai’s financial goal for the IPO compare to previous landmark listings? Hyundai aims to raise between $3 billion to $3.5 billion, surpassing LIC’s $2.7-billion listing in 2022.

Q: Can more investment banks be added to Hyundai’s Mega IPO advisory team later? Yes, industry sources suggest that additional banks may be included at a later stage for added expertise.

Q: What was Hyundai Motor Co’s official statement regarding the India listing plans? Hyundai Motor Co highlighted its constant review of activities to increase corporate value but confirmed no confirmed plans to date.

Q: Which car models contributed to Hyundai’s success in the Indian market? Key models such as i20, Verna, Creta, Aura, and Tucson played a crucial role in Hyundai’s significant market share.

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