Canara Bank Shares Split Updates

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Canara Bank, a prominent name in the Indian banking sector, is set to make headlines with a board meeting scheduled for 26th February 2024. The focus of this meeting? To deliberate and potentially approve a stock sub-division, a move that could mark a significant corporate event for the PSU bank. In this article, we unravel the details surrounding Canara Bank shares and the impending decision on the stock split.

Canara Bank Shares

Canara Bank Stock Split: Board Meeting on the Horizon

The PSU bank has officially set the stage for a crucial board meeting on 26th February 2024. This meeting aims to consider and approve the stock sub-division, stirring anticipation and curiosity among investors and market enthusiasts.

Canara Bank Split News: A Corporate Milestone in the Making

Should the board give the green light to the stock split proposal, it would signify a noteworthy corporate event for Canara Bank, marking a substantial development after nearly seven years. Investors keenly await the outcome, as decisions of this magnitude can significantly impact the bank’s market standing and shareholder value.

Stock Split 2024: Eyes on Canara Bank Shares

Come Monday, 26th February 2024, all eyes will be on Canara Bank shares as the board of directors delves into discussions regarding the stock split. If approved, this would mark the second significant corporate event for the PSU bank in nearly seven years. It’s worth noting that the Canara Bank board had previously declared a Rights Issue on 20th February 2017, with a rights issue size of ₹1,124 crore.

Canara Bank Stock Split Details

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Canara Bank Share Price History

Reflecting on the post-Covid rebound, Canara Bank shares showcased a remarkable journey. From approximately ₹80 to ₹580 apiece on NSE in nearly four years, the stock delivered an outstanding 625 percent return to its shareholders. In the last year alone, Canara Bank shares emerged as one of the multi-bagger stocks in the Indian stock market, experiencing a surge from around ₹270 to ₹580 apiece, marking an impressive 115 percent rise. Over the last six months, the state-owned PSU bank recorded a substantial 75 percent rise, moving from approximately ₹325 to ₹580 apiece.

Canara Bank Shares: Board to Consider Stock Split Next Week. Details Here

Insights and Perspectives

As we delve deeper into the dynamics surrounding Canara Bank shares, it becomes evident that the upcoming board meeting holds substantial implications for investors and the broader market. The decision on the stock split can shape the bank’s trajectory and potentially influence market sentiment.

Investor Anticipation

With the backdrop of the Rights Issue in 2017, investors are keenly observing the unfolding events. The potential stock split adds a layer of anticipation, and shareholders are evaluating the implications on their investment portfolios.

Regulatory Landscape

Canara Bank’s adherence to SEBI regulations and the need for approvals from RBI and other statutory bodies underscore the meticulous approach taken in corporate decision-making. This commitment to regulatory compliance is a testament to the bank’s governance standards.

The Impact of Covid Rebound

The impressive surge in Canara Bank shares post the Covid rebound highlights the resilience and adaptability of the bank in navigating challenging market conditions. Investors have reaped significant returns, further enhancing the bank’s credibility.

Canara Bank Shares: Board Decision and Market Response

The outcome of the board meeting on 26th February 2024 will undoubtedly influence market dynamics. A favorable decision on the stock split could lead to heightened investor confidence, potentially triggering increased trading activity around Canara Bank shares.


What is the purpose of the Canara Bank board meeting on 26th February 2024? The board meeting aims to consider and potentially approve the stock sub-division, a crucial decision that could significantly impact Canara Bank shares.

Why is the potential stock split considered a big corporate event for Canara Bank? If approved, the stock split would mark a substantial corporate event for Canara Bank after nearly seven years, attracting attention from investors and market enthusiasts.

Has Canara Bank undergone significant corporate events in recent years? Yes, the Canara Bank board declared a Rights Issue on 20th February 2017, with a rights issue size of ₹1,124 crore.

What details did Canara Bank provide about the stock split proposal? Canara Bank, in its communication to Indian stock market exchanges, outlined the meeting’s purpose and the need for in-principle approval from the Board of Directors, subject to regulatory approvals.

How long will the “Trading Window” remain closed, as per Canara Bank’s communication? The “Trading Window” for relevant individuals associated with the bank will remain closed from 7th February 2024 to 28th February 2024.

What is the historical performance of Canara Bank shares post-Covid rebound? Canara Bank shares surged from around ₹80 to ₹580 apiece in nearly four years, delivering a remarkable 625 percent return to its shareholders.


As Canara Bank prepares for a pivotal board meeting, the financial landscape is poised for potential change. The decision on the stock split, coupled with the bank’s robust performance in recent years, adds a layer of intrigue for investors. The journey of Canara Bank shares from the post-Covid rebound to the upcoming board meeting showcases a trajectory shaped by resilience, adaptability, and a commitment to regulatory excellence.

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